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It’s happened to every one of us. You’re in the middle of a task when a nagging notion in your mind starts to bother you. You were meant to take care of something critical, but you can’t remember it. And the story always appears to come in more than one way. You either remember it after it’s too late to do something about it, or you find out when someone else complains to you for failing to fulfill your commitments.

This is exactly when you require the best online service for your need’s. The goal of these service reminders is to send you messages so that you don’t forget key chores or occasions. Whether it’s a anniversary, keeping family members informed, work a doctor’s appointment, or a special occasion, they will cover it all for you.

For The Rapid Growth of Your Business

When it comes to running a business, time is the most difficult thing to manage particularly if you provide public services. The reality is that there are so many jobs to complete but so little time to do. While a calendar is designed to help you balance your time, managing and completing all your tasks frequently is a full-time job.

However, the success of your business is dependent on how well you manage your time. Inability to balance your time between providing services and handling administrative activities might have a negative impact on how customers perceive your company. Scheduling appointments and doing so properly is the key to profitability and long-term success.

Some of the most prominent benefits of appointment reminder services are:


In every business, time is unquestionably valuable. It will help you if you can make the most of the time. Thus, business timetables must be adhered to avoid wasting time. Because we live such a chaotic lifestyle, we must have something to remind us of what needs to be done. Appointment reminders save time for both business owners and clients.


Using appointment reminders for your business is the best method to stay organized throughout the day. SR&C ‘s dashboard is designed so you can express your thoughts the way you want them. Give us your agenda for the month or anytime though out the year and our agent will call you or others on your account, the time and day you need to be reminded.

Service Reminders Allow You to Plan Ahead of Time.

Organizing your schedule is one thing, but managing a growing team of office personnel and specialists while dealing with customer inquiries is another, especially if you’re attempting to cultivate positive consumer relationships!

Fortunately, appointment service reminders can help relieve tension and organize your schedule. You can take control of the scheduling process and ensure that your team knows all your plans.

No Need To Mark Your Calendars

When you sign up for SR&C’s service, you will receive your personal calendar dashboard. There you can see your Profile, your reminders, schedule a reminder, your subscriptions of how  many reminders you have left for the month. All of this in real time and you can put SR&C on your devices so you can access your account anytime anywhere. It’s totally interactive. you can eliminate time-consuming scheduling procedures with day planners. Our agents will call you personally with your reminders. They want you to be successful. No automated voice messages. You will then receive a text and email with your reminder, whether they reach you on the phone or not. You won’t have to bother about individually writing your appointment timings or the date of an important event in your calendars.  This affordable reminder plans services will help avoid missing out on key activities whether appointments or events.

Types of Appointment Service Reminders

Telephone Calls

Whether made by live individuals or through an automated system, phone calls are one of the oldest and most conventional kinds of appointment reminders. When dealing with actual persons, we have found that many are motivated by there thoughts via reminders. SR&C’s agents are polite when calling individuals and want to help you achieve your goals. Again no automated voice messages with SR&C.


Some clients would rather like to get an email appointment reminder than a phone call (or would like to get both). Many people prefer written communication to phone calls, and many of us use email regularly (perhaps even all through the day). This is a personal choice. However, the email appointment reminder service is for those who check their email inbox regularly.

You will receive both with SR&C’s plan.

Messages by Text

SMS text messaging is an increasingly common method of reaching out to clients with appointment reminders. Most people, including your clients, carry their cell phones with them, ensuring that a reminder text message reaches them when you send it.

Many clients choose text messaging as their preferred method of appointment reminder message when asked.

You will receive all three types of appointment service reminders with SR&C’s plan

Advantages of Personalized Appointment Service

  • Personal agents will call you with friendly reminders. These reminders will take away a lot of your burden of memorizing or missing what needs to be done.
  • There are no automated phone calls. Most people do not like computerized calling, as they cannot have 2-way communication with them.
  • Reminders that are personalized by you and follow your schedule. Simple reminders and communication can tailor your appointments and make them exactly how you want.
  • They are not very costly. So, you can save up a lot time and money.
  • It’s like having your own personal Secretary.


Simple Reminder and Communication is offering cost affordable reminder plans for both personal and professional use. They keep your plan intact and take responsibility completely.

The amount of time spent managing calendars is increasing. The majority of the population manages three calendars: work, personal, and family. Adults with many children or several tasks on their minds have to manage much more. It’s easy to get lost in the noise when there are so many schedules. Without reminders, you risk an increase in no-shows owing to customer forgetfulness.

An appointment reminder service is a fantastic method to keep things in mind. Simple Reminders and Communication agents will call you with your customized  reminders, send text message reminders, and email reminders to ensure that you or anyone on your plan will not miss their opportunity to carry out what they need to do..

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