SR&C’s goal is to help you stay focused to be more organized in your daily life and successful throughout the year. We do this by having our agent call you personally, almost like a secretary, and remind you of important matters based on your agenda. The agent then follows up with a text message and email. Whether it’s business or personal, SR&C was specifically established to help you care for that list of important things in your day-to-day life.

Here’s one example:

Your agent’s call will remind you, “Your goal is to start your workout this week to lose 15lbs in six months. You want to get in that dress or suit comfortably for your best friend’s wedding, right? Your workout starts tomorrow at the gym. Note: Legs and back workout”.

You can add on your agenda in the same month for the agent to call a day later as a reminder to say “How did I do?” We call these your conscious reminders.

Some comments have been Yes! Because they made it through their workout, others get motivated to make the next workout because they missed the first one.

Hearing your reminders from a live agent helps reiterate and clarify what you want to do. SR&C aims to keep you on schedule via call, text, and email services from a qualified agent throughout the month to remind you of important agendas.

We inspire you to achieve personal short and long-term goals with checkpoint reminders along the way. Our services are designed to take some load off you to concentrate on things that matter and help you accomplish a lot more in your life.

How Can You Use Simple Reminders & Communications?

From personal to professionals, SR&C reminds you about anything. We understand that nothing is too small, be it a call to your parents or giving your work team the extra advantage with call, text, and email. We have got you covered for all!

For instance:

  • Wake up calls
  • Reminders for adults
  • Reminders for your children to do homework, chores, etc.
  • Meet personal goals – such as weight loss, exercise, home projects, etc.

Reminders for scheduled and scheduling appointments, events, vacation reservations, etc.

Our agents also call you for annual reminders throughout the year for renewals such as cable, Internet, car registration, insurance, etc.

Furthermore, your work team can use it to communicate reminders between each other. This can be key when they have so many other things to keep track of.

Now you do not have to pay late fees or extra money for hiked-up prices because you missed a self-renewal discount.

Send in your agenda for the month with your reminders for yourself or up to 3 other people in your life.

Please see Reminder Plans for more information.