How To Avail Simple Reminders and Communication Services

If you’re looking for a reminder service, you may have noticed that there are a lot of services online. Why? More & more people and businesses are using these different types of reminder services today. In many cases, it is because of the demand in our busy lives. Family and Work. The need to keep ourselves on schedule time and not forget other important things from professional to personal. It all depends on how good your memory is and if you forget certain things throughout your day. Will someone be disappointed or upset with you? Will it cause you to lose business or money? Look! No one is perfect and everyone knows that. Sometimes it comes down to accountability. So many are choosing to use whatever will give them an advantage. If you are like my wife who likes to use her devices. Phone, calendar, and computer.  And that works for you. Great! But even she admits that she likes the idea of having a reminder service to help her.  From free to the paid app’s that you download. Software development for business or online reminder service. It all depends on what your needs are.

Simple Reminders and Communication is an online service. Our model is to keep things simple.

Our service is all-inclusive. Phone call, text, and email.  If you are used to scheduling on your devices via calendar, day planners, paper, etc. STOP! Unless you like having them all. Now you will be able to enter the same information with SR&C. You can fill out your agenda for the whole month. SR&C’s agent will personally call you on the day and time you request. “No automated voice calls”. The agent will attempt 3 calls to contact you personally. Only then will they leave a message. Then you will also receive a text and email with the same information whether they reach you or not.  There are other free options that are included with these plans. Once you start to use our service. You will love it. It’s just that simple.

Even our Plans are simple. Purchase the service for the month or year. Please go to our reminder plans page for more information.

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