SR&C helps you stay on schedule throughout the month via calls, texts, and emails from qualified agents reminding you about things important to you.


It’s Your Call

No Automated Calls

SR&C cares about its clients. We always call you personally to ensure you get the job done timely. We believe that it is always better to be reminded about the right thing at the right time.

3 Attempted Calls

Worried what would happen if you missed the call from our agent? Fret not; we have got you covered. SR&C makes 3 attempted calls, and if you miss the first one, two more come up your way. Due to any reason, if you miss all 3, the agent will leave a voice message.

Just As You Like It

Since it is your call, you have the freedom to utilize our reminder service to get reminded about anything you like. Is it a date you don’t want to miss, your parents’ anniversary, appointments, or a professional meeting? Slipping from the mind is not an option anymore!

Note: Please see Acceptable Use Policy

Punctuality Guaranteed

For us, punctuality is critical. Let us know about your agendas, and our agent will ensure that you never miss anything onwards.

Note: Please see Acceptable Use Policy

Advanced Options

Choose The Time

You have the freedom to choose the time and date when you are willing to receive the call.

Confirm Your Message

Once you have finalized the date and time, our agent will confirm by changing the status from pending to assigned.

Unique Plan For Unique You

SR&C offers you the feasibility to choose a need-based plan. You can subscribe to our monthly call reminder or the yearly one.

Remind Your Loved Ones

Are your family members or friends forgetful? We can handle that for you. With SR&C, you can choose a plan to send reminders to up to 3 people. However, terms and conditions are applied.


Customized Email Reminders

Follow-Up Reminder

Subscribing to our reminder service automatically reminds you about the same agenda through emails too.

The Process

The process of follow-up emails is simple and easy. Inform our agent about the agenda you are seeking to be reminded of. Not only will you receive a personalized call from our agent, but also an email to ensure that you don’t miss the task.

Customized Email

SR&C will send you your customized reminder via email through our service.

Don’t Leave Your Loved Ones Behind

We care about your loved ones like you do. You can send the email to your friends or family members. Please see Reminder Plans.

Advanced Options

Set Date, Time, And Message

For a reminder follow-up, do not forget to set the date, time, and message you want to receive.

Enter Your Details

Filling in your details is necessary and easy.

Your Companion’s Email

If you would like us to send emails to your loved ones, let us know their email addresses.

Forget And Enjoy!

You are all set up now. Relax, we’ve got you!

Unique Plan For Unique You

SR&C offers you the feasibility to choose a need-based plan. You can subscribe to our monthly call reminder or the yearly one.

Text Messages

Follow-Up Reminders Via SMS

Getting a personalized text reminding you about the task is everything you require to get the job done with perfection at the right time.

Calls Aren’t Enough

We understand that sometimes just calls are not enough. Our agents also send a follow-up reminder text to your phone, so you do not miss your agenda.

Advanced Options

Remind Your Loved Ones

SR&C sends reminder texts to your loved ones so they never miss important tasks. Is there something you and your friend are working on together, or do you want to remind your mum about the dinner? Once we know your agenda, we’ll communicate it on your behalf.

Choose Your Plan

Select the message to be sent to up to 3 people. Check out SR&C plans and choose the one that suits you.

Cancelation Policy

Note: Please see Acceptable Use Policy

Never Forget Anything Again

No Software Hassle

Subscribing to our service is quick and simple—no need to learn about using new software.

Trustworthy Service

We offer complete data security. You are in safe hands with us.

Get Reminded About Any Agenda

You have the freedom to choose your agenda—professional or personal, work or play.

You can make changes to your agenda as needed each month to adjust reminders on your current schedule.

Please note that SR&C services cannot make you perfect; it helps you feel more satisfied in your life toward yourself and others too.